Discover How To Write And Publish Your Own Book To Dramatically Increase Your Business & Personal Success!
...Even if you don't like the thought of writing a single word!
For 37 Years, New York Times Bestselling Author, Raymond Aaron, has been a world-respected author and speaker. Attend this event and discover how to write and publish your book to grow  your business... even if you don't like the thought of writing a single word!
September 10 at 2:00 PM Eastern. In this FREE 2-hour webclass you'll discover:
  • Why your own BOOK is the very best way to capture attention, get ahead in business, and become a respected author and professional!
  • How to have your own book if you don't know what to write about or don't even like to write at all!
  • How to LEVERAGE your book for fame in your industry... even before you write a single word!
  • All attendees get Raymond Aaron's NEWEST BOOK, "Communication Is Income."
Raymond Aaron Will Personally Teach This Event, September 10 at 2:00 PM Eastern
Learn How To Become A Published Author From New York Times Bestselling Author, Raymond Aaron!

Raymond Aaron

Raymond Aaron is an adventurer, internationally renowned speaker, New York Times best selling author, and the ONLY to have Authored TWO 'Chicken Soup for The Soul Series' books AND a 'For Dummies' book... in addition to his own best seller, 'Double Your Income Doing What You Love'.

For the last 37 years Raymond has been considered one of the world's leading authorities in success and goal achievement and has traveled the world as a highly respected speaker, mentor and author coach to thousands around the world!

Raymond is PERSONALLY teaching this event!
Raymond Aaron has traveled the world for the past 35 years speaking to tens of thousands!
Raymond & Suze Orman - Respected Wealth Authority, Author & Speaker.
Raymond & Brian Tracy - International Businessman, Consultant, Author and peak performance expert.
Raymond, his wife & Tony Robbins - World Leading Motivational Speaker
Look What These World Leading Speakers And Authorities Have To Say About Raymond!
“He has literally helped me double my income while doing what I love, when I say double, it's like double, and then double again and then double again, and then double again...”

- Jack Canfield, New York Times Bestselling Author And Co-Creator Of The 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' Series.
"Raymond's goal attainment techniques are revolutionary. No one teaches the powerful processes he has developed. They really work!"

- Marci Shimoff, New York Times Bestselling Author of 'Happy for No Reason'
“I thank Raymond Aaron and his tapes on goal-setting for helping me achieve more with less stress.”

- Robert Kiyosaki, New York Times Bestselling Author of the 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' Series and The World's Leading Financial Education Authority.
"Raymond's groundbreaking technology of goal-setting and goal-attainment is the first truly new material on this subject in many years. It is a unique approach that will skyrocket your ability to achieve your own goals."
- Dr. John Gray, PhD, New York Times Bestselling author of 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus'
Raymond Has Helped Professionals Around The World Become Published Authors To Grow Their Business!
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