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…Of all methods of capturing new eager clients, videos is far more compelling versus print or audio

…TikTok is making its users wealthy quickly over other platforms like podcasts, blogs, YouTube, Facebook posts, Instagram and other social media

…TikTok’s brief video format appeals to today’s short attention spans yet delivers excellent content

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…Unlike other platforms, you can create fascinating videos in only 15 seconds. Wondrously, most videos that have gone viral are the 15-second ones

You Will Learn
  • How to search-engine-optimize your TikTok videos in under 4 minutes !!
  • ​The 6 secrets to make your videos ultra compelling
  • ​The 3 biggest DO’s and the 4 biggest DONT’s of TikTok
  • ​How to convert TikTok views into sales of both low-priced products (like $7 PDFs), mid-priced products (like $997 workshops), and even high-priced products (like $10,000 Retreats or $30,000 coaching)
In The One-Day Workshop, You Will Actually Have
  • A correctly-named TikTok channel
  • ​At least two videos (likely more) already posted on your own channel
  • Total competence to fully-optimize all your new videos
  • ​The effortless understanding as to exactly what to say in all future videos
  • You will already have views and likes and likely comments and shares from your very first videos RIGHT THERE IN THE WORKSHOP
  • You will experience effortless success RIGHT THERE IN THE WORKSHOP
  • ​You will know exactly the right and wrong ways to use your channel to grow your business
You Will Receive...
  • The 3 steps to optimize your channel
  • ​The 7 steps to correctly and powerfully optimize each video in under 4 minutes
  • ​The 3 Rules that govern the critical first 2 seconds of each video
  • ​The 2 Rules that govern the all-important final 3 seconds of each video
  • ​21 Fascinating compelling topics you can use to easily create as many videos on your subject as you wish
Attend My Live One-Day Workshop
Wednesday, July 19, 2023 From 11 AM to 6 PM EST